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Each year, there are a few photos that clearly stand out from the rest. We hope these photos evoke the same passion in you that they do in us. It takes a lot of hard work to put our planes in the air to compete and perform. Looking at these photos let’s us know that our hard work is worth it. We love what we do and we hope it shows. Hope you like them too!

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2016 German Red Bull Air Race Goulian Recap

2016 German Red Bull Air Race Goulian Recap

The track at Euro Speedway in Germany was one of the most aggressive we’ve seen yet this year. The goal, as in Ascot was to fly as fast or faster in the race as we did in training. Mission accomplished!! During the Round of 14 flight against Matthias, I flew my fastest time all week and one of the three fastest times of the day. Our team has been “on point” these last two races and I’m feeling relaxed and confident in the race plane. Not a bad place to be for Team 99. We can’t wait to come home to the USA and rock it in Indy!!

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Performing in air shows and competing in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship is certainly an adventure. Criss crossing the globe presents many challenges but that’s what drives our team, we want to give our best at every venue we visit. Our 2016 schedule features many air shows and Red Bull Air Races. It’s our hope you will join us on our journey. View our calendar to find out where you can meet us! 

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