Extra 330SC – Airshow Plane

Performance & Dimensions

Empty weight1,290 lbs. (585 kg.)
Wingspan24.6 feet (7.5 meters)
Engine350hp Lycoming Thunderbolt IO-580
PropellerHartzell’s “Claw” Composite 3-blade Propeller
ConstructionCarbon fiber wings and steel tube fuselage
SpeedsTop speed, 260 mph – stall speed, 60 mph
Roll rate380 degrees per second
G limits±120

Mike Goulian will perform in his Extra 330SC, the world’s newest custom-built premiere aerobatic aircraft. Michael can tell you that “this is the best aerobatic airplane I have ever owned”.

Produced by Extra Aircraft of Germany, the 330SC is lighter, faster and more maneuverable than any other aircraft of this type. The main difference between the 330SC and Mike’s former air show aircraft, the 300SHP, is its wing design. The new wing and increased maneuverability gives Mike’s aircraft an even faster roll rate and gives him the ability to take his air show performance to an even higher level of extreme aerobatics. The Extra tumbles and rotates at awe inspiring rates in almost any attitude, which gives world class pilot Mike Goulian the freedom to use his imagination to create a show to leave the fans wanting more!

Mike’s Extra is equipped with a new Hartzell composite propeller. Nicknamed the “Claw”, due to its pulling power, the Hartzell propeller is the prop of choice for many of the world’s best aerobatic pilots.