Media Kit – Air Shows

This media kit contains low resolution (JPG) and high resolution (TIF) files for each image. Right click each link below to save and download the image file.

Mike Goulian Flying his Extra 330SC

Goulian Aircraft Image (above)

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HORIZONTAL  [shown above]:
JPG (small)
JPG (15MB – large)

Goulian's Extra 330SC

Goulian Aircraft Image (above)

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HORIZONTAL  [shown above]:


Mike Goulian Flying His Extra 330SC

Goulian Aircraft Image (bottom)

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TIF [65MB]

Michael Image

Image of Mike Goulian

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PNG (transparent background) [176MB-large]

JPG (black background) [17MB-medium]


Air Show Program and Website Text PDF DOC
Mike Goulian Milestones and Aircraft Information PDF DOC


Download raw video footage here here (right-click to download):

IN-COCKPIT CAMERA: MP4 file [482MB – 64 seconds]

TAIL CAMERA: MP4 file [92MB – 36 seconds]

WING CAMERA: MP4 file [190MB – 60 seconds]

COWLING CAMERA: MP4 file [225MB – 62 seconds]


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