Well, all of the testing is done and the #99 EDGE 540 is back in the paint shop for final touch up. Once that is all done, we will do a final weight & balance calculation before Brad Huelsman takes it to California for disassembly and shipping to Abu Dhabi.

I completed approximately fifteen flights in the plane while we “tweaked” the ailerons for just the perfect feel. We have struggled with this for the last two years so we spent a lot of time dedicated to adjusting the feel of the plane so I feel comfortable in it “down and dirty” on the track.

We were successful and I am very excited to get the plane over to the Middle East and get racing. Our Team Coordinator Brad Huelsman also did quite a bit of engine break-in testing and also thinks we have a much improved machine over 2008 (Brad is pictured taxiing out for a test flight).

We have done a LOT of work to the plane and it looks to be very fast but only time will tell. We have a little more work to do in terms of taking weight out of the plane but other than that, I think we are ready.

In addition to the full time effort that team members Brad Huelsman and Tim Hess have put into the plane, we hired approximately ten outside contractors to help on the project. Everyone went above and beyond to make a stunning race plane.

We have high hopes for 2009. Hope you all join us for the ride!!!!!