The changes and hard work that my team has put into our #99 EDGE 540 has made a significant improvement in our results. Since Abu Dhabi, we have made changes to our aerodynamics, reduced weight, and made big horsepower gains. I owe these improvements to my team and to Lycoming for giving me a more powerful engine for Windsor.

Our race times were near the top most of the week and all was great on race day until a pylon hit in the Super 8’s. As you will see if you go to the RBAR web site, the wind changed dramatically during race day and caught many pilots off guard causing a lot of pylon hits and Safety Climb Out’s (SCO).

We are very optimistic about the remaning three European races. Our team morale is good and we have a machine capable of running near the front. It took a little while and a lot of dedication to get here, but we leave Windsor knowing that good results are on the way. Thanks to the hard work of my guys. They Rock!!!