Well, where do I start. First, our morning training session went well and we were again in the thick of the battle. However, the times are now unbelievably close. In fact, third to seventh place was separated by less than one second. In other words, it’s anybody’s game come Quali and race day.When the times are this close, the luck of a few winds gusts at the wrong time could make the difference, which is a probability on this ocean layout.

The drama of the day came mid-morning when we were informed that the fancy new engine Hannes is running for this race was found to be illegal according to RBAR Regulations. In other words, the compression ratio was too high. Their old engine was flown down to Barcelona from Salzburg today on a Red Bull Citation and they are installing the new (old) engine now.

In the afternoon, the wind switched direction as it did in Windsor and had similar results. There were tons of penalties and pylon hits including me. It was a good learning experience and I hope not to duplicate that tomorrow.

I am personally having a great time at this race because it is so close and it could be won by any of the top eight or ten pilots. It will be a fun and exciting end to the season.

Steve Jones Explains the Quadro Gate at Barcelona: