Today was a good day for the #99 Team in Qualifying. In the first Q1 session, we finished 2nd so we were easily in the Top 12 round for tomorrow. Job Done!!

For the second flight (Q2), we went out and tried to push very hard to see how fast we could make it through the track if all of the angles were cut to an absolute minimum everywhere. It was safe to take this strategy since we were already “in” for race day. The “all out” strategy made us (me) incur a couple of penalties which was sort of expected. However, only a few pilots had a faster time than us in the Q2 round so we are good to go for tomorrow.

The times between 2nd and 8th are within a second, so for a good result tomorrow, not only will one need a clean run, but a fast one too!! The RBAR gets tougher each race as all the teams are finding their speed.

Anyone who qualified in the top 11 today has a shot at winning tomorrow. It should be a wild one!

Here we go!

Mikey G