The planes are almost together and some have already started “test flights”. There have been a lot of modifications done by the teams over the winter. Some are obvious and some are not.

It looks like the MXS-R series of planes being flown by Nigel, Alex, Peter, Matt Hall, and Sergei are looking quite nice with a new canopy and lighter weight. They could be hard to beat in 2009.

Paul has done the most work of any team over the winter as he has essentially created a mini Nemesis NXT out of his EDGE 540. We are all wondering about this plane as it looks “very cool” indeed.

Kirby Chambliss has a new aircraft tweaked for racing and has added a “smiley face” cowling similar to many of the high performance bi-planes flying airshows in the USA.

Our plane has a lot of attention as we debuted our “wing cuffs” for the first time today. However, we are keeping them hidded as much as possible under the wing covers.

All in all, everything is looking great so far and we are certainly happy with our modification program that we completed this winter. Calibration flights are next and then we start training on a real track. More reports soon.