The Windsor venue looks like it will be a great one as the people are super friendly and the controllers at the airport are top notch. Canada is just different enough from the states that you know you’re in a foreign country but things are very familiar which makes it nice.

A 4AM wake up this morning got me out the door at just after 5AM. Maddy Stephens from Red Bull and I drove over to Detroit to do a live television spot. We arrived back in Windsor just after 8AM and I was ready to get flying!!

Our first test flight in the #99 EDGE occurred just after 11AM and we are pleased with how it is flying thus far. The new cylinders from Lycoming, combined with a new exhaust from Sky Dynamics are giving the plane a different sound in the air but also visibly more performance when viewed from the ground. We are hoping that it translates into a lot more speed on the track. Needless to say, we are hopeful for a good result this weekend.

Thanks to all of our friends and fans who are writing with wishes of “good luck”. It is great to know people are rooting for us as it makes us push that much harder.