The MGAS Team has been literally “hitting on all cylinders” these past couple of weeks. Michael and Crew Chief Matt Chapman made a two day stop in familiar Piqua, OH (Home of Hartzell Prop) to practice for this weekends airshow in Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

While Mike & Matt have been on the road, Team #99 Technician Tim Hess has been working very hard on the race plane in preparation for next weekend’s race in Windsor. On Monday, Lycoming delivered six brand new, highly specialized cylinders for their Tunderbolt engine in the #99 EDGE. Goulian said “the Thunderbolt engine has been running perfectly but has been considerably down on power compared to the engines of the front runners. We hope that the increase in horse power will give us the much needed boost we need to move up in the standings for the Windsor race.”

In Manitowoc, Michael made a presentation to the local EAA Chapter where he gave their members a look “under the skin” of their EXTRA 330SC. There was a great turn out for the event as people came to the event via land and air.

The next morning, Michael spoke to well over 300 school children about the Red Bull Air Race and his flying. Many of the kids had seen the RBAR on TV and were excited to talk with Michael. Both Michael and the kids had a great time as the children asked many great questions.