Goulian-Shrager-ACONE-Award-2014BOSTON, Mass – The past Presidents of the Aero Club of New England (ACONE) adopted an award, the Presidential Award, to honor those who have made significant positive contributions to aviation, whose impact may have been regional, national or global. Past recipients include Bruce Landsberg (AOPA Foundation, President), George Antoniadis (Alpha Flying, founder) and many other prestigious aviation leaders in New England. On April 18th, 2014 in Boston, Mass., the past presidents announced the award recipient at the their Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon. Renowned pilot and aviation advocate, Mike Goulian, was this year’s recipient. Goulian, a role model and inspiration for countless aviators of all ages, has given his entire adult life to aviation, first at his family’s flight school and then later to aerobatic competition, airshows, and air races.

Presently outside of flying, he spends much of his free time working with leaders in our industry to improve safety, and promote aviation to all ages. At the award luncheon, long time family friend and aviation business owner, Dan Schrager, gave a heart-warming speech about Mike. He explained how Mike’s achievements in the industry started when he was a young gun and have continued uninterrupted for almost 20 years. The award states: “For achieving perfection in competition, aerobatics, air show performances, and advancing flight safety, and promoting aviation worldwide.”

About Mike Goulian

American pilot, air show performer, and Red Bull Air Race Pilot, Mike Goulian has a crisp, aggressive and athletic style of flying that makes him a favorite of fans around the world. Born in Winthrop, Mass and raised in Arlington, Mass., his family has been in the flying business in metro Boston for over 50 years. Mike learned to fly in 1984, flew his first air show a few years later, has won numerous national award and his first Red Bull Air Race was in 2006.
Website: mikegoulian.com


Formed in 1902 and formerly chartered in 1907, ACONE is the oldest aeronautical club in the Americas, and the second oldest in the world. A small group of prominent Bostonians formed the club. It’s original charter states that the club’s purpose is to: “To advance the development of the science of aeronautics and kindred sciences.” Today the club is foremost a social club for people that share a passion for flight; for active pilots, former pilots and non-pilots alike who love to learn and talk about flying.
Website: acone.org