FLYING goes behind the scenes with Mike Goulian’s team and air boss Wayne Boggs at EAA AirVenture 2022.

ByJulie Boatman

August 19, 2022

For Mike Goulian and his team, communications play a vital part in the execution of an airshow. [Photo: Stephen Yeates]

Mike Goulian makes it all look easy—but there’s so much taking place behind the scenes every time he launches for an aerobatic performance. 

The elite pilot—and Art Scholl Memorial Showmanship Award winner in 2006—relies on an aviation family of folks to propel his contribution to the airshows at EAA AirVenture each year.

Goulian taps into his team at Goulian Aerosports—including crew chief Levi Fischer—along with the professionalism of air boss Wayne Boggs, deputy air bosses, and air traffic controllers, and the communications equipment provided by Bose for the comms between the airplane and show center. 

FLYING’s editor-in-chief Julie Boatman followed Goulian through his team’s preparation for the Wednesday, July 27, afternoon airshow. While Goulian didn’t fly until nearly 5 p.m., the day began at 7 a.m. as his Extra 330SC was pulled from the hangar.

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