What does Mike fly when he’s not flying 230 mph 50 feet above the water at a Red Bull Air Race or pulling 12 G’s in an aerobatic move at one of his airshows? A Cirrus, of course. In the seventh episode of “On The Fly with Mike Goulian” Mike talks about his new Cirrus SR22T and why it’s the ideal aircraft for busy people who have places to be and want to get their safely and in comfort. “I’m a busy guy and just like many executives and Cirrus owners, you may go two or three weeks without flying the airplane, but it’s an airplane I can get in and be comfortable, confident and proficient in, and that’s a great thing. For the capability you get, and the comfort level that this airplane can afford a pilot that’s not able to fly every day or once a week, this airplane answers that for those people.”

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