Goulian Aerosports is very proud to announce that for the 2019 season, its Extra 330SC will be adorned in the colors of Whelen Engineering Company, Inc.!

Whelen has been a key partner for many years with Mike Goulian, but with a new Whelen Motorsports paint design, the visibility of their great partnership will be on display for aviation and motorsports fans around the globe.

Whelen Engineering Company, Inc. was started in a garage in 1952 by George Whelen III, when he invented the first rotating aviation beacon. They now manufacture reliable and powerful warning lights, white illumination lighting, sirens, controllers, and high-powered warning systems for Automotive, Aviation, and Mass Notification industries worldwide.

“We’re honored to have the opportunity to showcase our great relationship during the 2019 season. Whelen has been a long time supporter of our team and the entire air show industry and I’m happy that their participation in this passionate business will be so visible this summer”, said Mike Goulian.

On February 1st, Whelen announced that it has acquired LoPresti Aviation. Whelen’s Aviation Division and LoPresti are both global leaders in the aviation lighting market and will be combined into a single organization named Whelen Aerospace Technologies, or WAT. LoPresti Aviation is an aviation performance solutions company, founded in Sebastian, Florida in 1991. It has grown to become an industry-recognized leader in aviation lighting, as well as in aircraft speed modifications. The company has a diversified portfolio of top-tier customers and holds over 500 FAA STCs.

The debut of the new Whelen design will be at the SUN ‘n FUN Fly In this April.