Well, today the fog lifted enough to complete one short training session and then the Qualification. We finished 10th in the Quali which is a little deceiving as we really had the 3rd fastest time in Qualifying (we also tied for 3rd fastest in training).

The judges gave me a 2 second penalty for an “incorrect level flying” in gate #14. It will be very interesting to see this on video as I thought it was an exceptionally clean run. Anyway, it seems like the judges are back to using the super slow motion camera to give penalties, which is something the pilots are clearly against.

It seems like we might have the 3rd or 4th fastest plane here in Porto which is about where I think we were in Budapest. It looks like Paul and Kirby now have the strongest machines in the field. So now it’s up to me to be clean on the track combined with a little luck and perhaps we can make another podium.

OK, early to bed and early to rise.