Today was an overall success for Team #99. After a pretty huge double pylon hit in yesterday’s windy final practice, we approached today with a bit of caution as the wind conditions seemed to mimic yesterday. This seemed confirmed by the fact that the first pilot (Hannes Arch) had a pylon hit in the Quadro during his first flight.

With that in mind, I took off making sure I completed a “safe” run without any penalties. I almost did that but had a controversial 2 second penalty for an incorrect knife edge pass. Still, it was a solid time and penalties are just a part of the RBAR on occasion.

For Q2, I went for it a little harder while still flying safely and it worked. We had a very solid time and finished a very solid 7th. I started Budapest in 8th and won from there. However, I am not as consistently at the front as I was in Budapest. In other words, tomorrow will be a “fight” and we will be in a “go for it” situation.

Let’s hope for the best!!!