The Team is on location in Perth, Australia, and ready to go. We arrived to beautiful warm and sunny weather, perfect for assembling the race plane. Unfortunately the weather has taken a bit of a turn and it is currently pouring out. Nonetheless we were able to sneak in two test flights this morning and everyone seems very happy with the performance of the Team #99 “Green Machine.” While the traditional fly-in to the Race Airport will not be taking place due to weather, the Opening Ceremonies will still be taking place at the Race Airport in the park a block away from our hotel. As in 2007, the lovely grass field of Langley Park has been turned into the Race Airport and currently hosts all of the team hangars. Many of the teams look forward to using Langley Park as our temporary runway, not only because of its beautiful location along the Swan River, but also because of its history. Langley Park became one of the first airstrips in Australia in the 1920’s. It was used for many years until it was turned into a park. It is still used as an airstrip for special occasions and the Red Bull Air Races.We are very hopeful for this weekend and believe that we can improve upon the results from our 4th place finish in Abu Dhabi.

Make sure to cheer us on as we race for the podium this weekend!