Many people ask us what we do in the winter between air show seasons. The answer is “get ready for the next one!” After the Extra 330SC is given a complete overhaul, we head to Florida and start practicing and working on new figures for the new season. We also work on a new music and narration track at the same time. This year, Rob Holland Ultimate Airshows and I did a lot of training together in St. Augustine. Each day, we would fly multiple flights in the aerobatic “box” over the airfield while the other coached from the ground via radio. We worked on new maneuvers but also changing around the current maneuvers in our show to make it more interesting. It’s all in the name of continuous improvement. Back on the ground we reviewed and discussed the flight, watched it on video, and started prepping for the next flight. Then we switched roles. We did this every day until we were flying the new routines safely.

Check out the video posted here and in our video gallery to see what it is like getting a new air show routine off the ground and in the air!