The 2016 AirVenture convention is wrapping up yesterday. If you missed it, there were so many ‘moments’ to share with you, it’s difficult to list them all here. EAA made an effort to recognize many aviators, both present and past that have shaped our industry. We’d like to thank all of our sponsors that made our convention special: Whelen Engineering, Goodyear Aviation, Lycoming Engines, Hartzell Propeller, Cirrus Aircraft,  Champion Aerospace, Garmin, BOSE, and CJ Aviation.

You can see Michael’s air show performances up close through EAA’s livestream page from Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. If you watch the Saturday Afternoon’s air show video, his flight starts at: 2:08:23.

On a lighter note, check out AOPA Live’s July 30th episode. Fun airshow pilots facts starts at: 20:23.