Goulian Aerosports has announced that Goodyear Aviation will join Whelen Engineering as co-title sponsor of Goulian’s 2012 air show season.

“We’re honored and thrilled to have Goodyear Aviation join our family of sponsor partners,” said Mike Goulian, who also serves as Goulian Aerosports’ president

Rendering of the top of Goulian's 2012 aircraft.

“I have relied on Goodyear tires on both my air show planes and the planes we have operated in our flight school for the last 20 years. Goulian Aerosports is very proud to partner with such a legendary and respected brand like Goodyear.”

Goodyear Aviation will become “one of the cornerstones of our air show program, along with some of the industry’s most prestigious aviation manufacturers, including Whelen Engineering, Champion Aerospace, Lycoming and Hartzell,” according to Goulian.

“Mike Goulian’s air show performance is an impressive display of airmanship that combines the precision flying of his competition experience with modern air show aerobatics,” said Bert Aertssen, general manager, global aviation, Goodyear. “He is one of the sport’s luminaries and we are proud to sponsor his 2012 air show season.”

Goulian is a past U.S. National Aerobatic Champion, as well as the winner of the 2008 Budapest Red Bull Air Race. Most recently, he became one of only seven aviators in history to be awarded all three of the airshow industry’s top honors: the ICAS Sword of Excellence, the Art Scholl Memorial Showmanship Award, and the Bill Barber Award for Showmanship.

Rendering of the side view of Goulian's 2012 aircraft.Goodyear developed the world’s first aviation tire in 1909. Since then, Goodyear has been at the forefront of the development of safe, reliable tires used in every segment of the aviation industry. Goodyear Aviation’s tires appear on much of today’s global airline, military and general aviation aircraft fleets.

The sponsorship between Goodyear Aviation and Goulian Aerosports will be highlighted by the Goodyear Advantage Tour, which will stop at several top air shows throughout North America in 2012. Aviall Services, Inc., a leading distributor for a wide range of aviation products, and one of the largest Goodyear Aviation Tire Distributors in the world will also sponsor the tour.

“The Goodyear Advantage Tour will give flight schools, MROs, corporate flight departments and pilots the opportunity to enjoy an ‘all access’ VIP experience at some of our nation’s top air shows while learning about Goodyear Aviation tires,” noted Goulian. “For our guests, a day spent with the Goulian Team at the Advantage Tour event will be a memory for a lifetime.”

More information about the Goodyear Advantage Tour to come!