MGAS_FDK_MGtalk_smallMike Goulian has been invited to speak at the Plymouth Aero Club’s third annual Hot Soup event. The event is an afternoon saluting pilot chefs with an opportunity to listen to Mike Goulian’s personal experiences, stories, and moments in aviation where he’s identified his personal limits.

Goulian’s presentation is rich with dramatic videos and stories related to safety, not only at air shows and air races, but also in his every day flying.

The event: Admission is free. And all we ask is that you bring a hot pot of your favorite soup to share. We’ll provide bread and hot and cold drinks. Last year’s Hot Soup Party drew more than 60 members and guests who brought almost three dozen different soups to sample. And if you are flying in or if you’re not a cook, don’t worry about bringing soup. There will be more than enough for everyone.

Date: Sunday, January 17th
Time: 12:00pm – 3:00pm

Location: Alpha One Flight Services, 246 S Meadow Road, Gate 3, Plymouth Airport, Plymouth, MA

logoHost: Plymouth Aero Club: The club promotes a strong aviation community focused on safety, education and camaraderie in the south shore region of Massachusetts.

Web info: Plymouth Aero Club Hot Soup Event