Episode 14 – One Flying Machine

The synthesis of new technologies from a wide range of sources is the key to the Cirrus flying experience. That’s the message in episode 14 of “On The Fly With Mike Goulian.” Mike talks about how much has changed in general aviation in the last 25 year and how Cirrus led this trend by bringing together the best technologies for comfort, ergonomics and performance from automotive, aviation and other industries to create a very special airplane. “It is night and day. Flying can be just an amazing experience if you do it in and SR20. It makes for an experience that a lot of other machines just can’t match.”


Episode 15 – CAPS™ Saves Lives

“An airplane parachute system was a bold idea.” In this episode of “On The Fly With Mike Goulian,” Mike talks about the Cirrus Airframe Parachute System, the innovation that has defined Cirrus and has made the ultimate safety difference for over 100 families. “It makes everyone comfortable. It has saved a lot of lives. And that makes a big difference to someone who’s looking to purchase an airplane or someone who is sitting in it flying
every day.”

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