Episode 10-Free Time of an Aerobatic Champion

Red Bull Air Race pilot. Aerobatic pilot. Aviation entrepreneur. That’s a full plate for Mike Goulian. What does he do to relax? Mike talks about how he recharges his batteries when he isn’t racing or putting on one of his thrilling air show performances. “Going to the gym is probably the biggest release. I’ll go to a spinning class and get totally engrossed, but really just being with my family is the best thing.”

Episode 11-A Life of Competition

Mike talks about the competitive spirit that was a part of his life from the very beginning. Baseball. Hockey. Tennis. Golf. “My brother and I were competitors in everything we did. When I grew up, I could have done lots of things. I clearly had great hand-eye coordination. Maybe if I wanted to be a pro golfer I could have done that. But I wanted a life in the sky.”

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