The Red Bull Air Race is the most amazing sport in the world. Racing back in Spielberg, Austria for the second year in a row was breathtaking, even though we only had a few runs on Friday to practice on the track due to heavy rains earlier in the week.

But racing will break your heart sometimes! We had it all together with great times and speed through the track during practice. We had the second fastest time in the Round of 14 on Sunday. However, in the Round of 8 the Red Bull Speed Readout wasn’t working properly so we started at only 180 knots – which is not even close to fast enough to win a race (top speed is 200 knots through the start gate). If we had everything working for us, we would have been fast with great lines around the track. Team #99 finished 7th for the weekend. But, better never quits! Our heads are high and we’ll move to Dallas with the same clear goal – winning the race!!! Thanks everyone for the support!