Qualifying Day at the fourth stop of the Red Bull Air Race in Budapest, Hungary ended in an unexpected DNF [Did Not Finish] for the American pilot after exceeding the maximum specified G-limit on his first run.

“I knew the airplane was going fast, I could feel it was really moving. When I came up to the vertical turn, it was more of a reaction than a planned pull and when you react like that, you’re not 100% with the airplane and that’s what happens. In aviation terms, I was a little behind the plane, and that allowed the Over G.” stated a (still smiling) Goulian moments after climbing out of his Edge 540 raceplane.

Need a refresher on G Inspections?

“When you Over G like that, the Technician has to do quite an extensive inspection to make sure that the airplane is okay, so Warren will take the airplane apart then Jimbo (the Technical Director) will come and look over the entire airframe to be sure nothing is broken: engine mount, tube frames, things like that. Then you have to get a sign off that it’s good to go back on the racetrack, and then you’re good to go back to racing.”

After the DNF on the Danube, Team 99 remains hopeful for Race Day: “So far we’re kind of immune to any of the pressure that might be put on us. I know there’s been questions asked, but there’s been answers given. That’s what’s put us in this position.”

That position is tied for first in the overall World Championship standings with Australia’s Matt Hall, each with a total of 36 points for the 2018 season.

Goulian faces off against Japan’s Yoshi Muroya in tomorrow’s head-to-head Round of 14: “Flying against Yoshi is never easy. The goal? Go out there and fly the Round of 14 like it’s the Final 4: push, push, push…and on we go!”

Broadcast for Sunday – Race Day
Red Bull Air Race Website – 7:00am EDT [live – may be geo-blocked in certain areas] – 1:00pm Local European Time

NBC Sports Channel – 8:00pm EDT [delayed]

NBC Sports App – 8:00pm EDT [delayed]

Results of Qualifying

  1. Sonka (CZE) – 57.600
  2. Muroya (JPN) – 57.632
  3. Kopfstein (CZE) – 57.872
  4. Hall (AUS) – 58.085
  5. McLeod (CAN) – 58.122
  6. Brageot (FRA) – 58.410
  7. Chambliss (USA) – 58.441
  8. Murphy (GBR) – 58.970
  9. Velarde (ESP) – 59.228
  10. Bolton (CHI) – 59.505
  11. Le Vot (FRA) – 59.839
  12. Ivanoff (FRA) – 1:00.141
  13. Goulian (USA) – DNF
  14. Dolderer (GER) – DNS

Photos courtesy Red Bull Content Pool.