2010, like most years, was filled with high flying adventure. Being “on the circuit” for another season of high performance flying, we experienced the full range of human emotions. We had the excitement and thrill of racing in the shadows of the Statue of Liberty, making memories in the sky with friends and fans, but we also shed some tears at the loss of our dear friends Alex and Adrian.

I recently had the unique opportunity to speak about my passion for flying and about what drives me and many others in high performance aviation to pursue perfection day in and day out. That’s what air shows are all about…striving for excellence.

However, this passionate pursuit is only possible with the support of family, friends, and business partners. Without them, the path is not worth traveling. After all, this is a journey, and a journey you have to cherish every step of the way.

Take a look at this great video by airshowbuzz.com. As you’ll see, flying is a lot more about dedication and hard work than it is dreaming about being “in the clouds”.

So, for 2011, find your passion and grab hold of it. You’ll be happy you did.

Blue Skies,


A special thank you to Justin and Ed Shipley for creating this masterful film for us!