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Extreme G Forces – Mike Goulian & Matt Hall Explain how to avoid graying-out while racing

Red Bull Air Race pilots experience some of the most extreme conditions that the human body can endure. High speed turns have them pulling nearly 10Gs at times, collapsing their chests and forcing blood away from the brain and down to their toes. In order to combat these effects, intense training and physical preparation is crucial to ensure they stay conscious while speeding through pylons just feet above the water. Mike Goulian and Matt Hall reveal how they handle g forces inflight in this video.

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Visit Team Goulian and our Partners at Sun ‘n Fun 2015

Join us April 21 – 26 in Lakeland, FL at the Sun ‘n Fun Fly-In. You can meet the Goulian Aerosports team and check out Whelen’s latest aviation products at our outside display on the warbird ramp all week. Mike will be performing in the air show on... read more

Mike Goulian and Navy Blue Angels Formation Flight

Today was a great day of honor and privilege for my team. Two things occurred: 1) We were able to debut a color scheme to honor our close partnership with Whelen Engineering Company, Inc., which will be on the plane for this weekend’s Beaufort Air Show and for... read more