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Michael Goulian determined to go big at the Texas Red Bull Air Race

Goulian comes into the Red Bull Air Race at the Texas Motor Speedway this weekend (September 26 – 27) energized and motivated, after problems with his instrumentation thwarted his charge toward the Final 4 in Spielberg, Austria. For Massachusetts-born Goulian, it’s time to do what folks in The Lonestar State are famous for: He’s ready to take a stand.

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Ascot Red Bull Air Race Recap for Team Goulian

The Red Bull Air Race in Ascot, England, had its ups and downs. With inclement weather during the entire week – the race teams had no practice time on the track. The first practice was on Saturday morning, allowing for only two runs before the afternoon Qualifying lineup. Watch Michael’s race through the track and post-race interview here.

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Team Goulian prepares for Ascot’s round of 2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship

Competing in the Red Bull Air Race is surely one of the most amazing ventures any aviator could hope for in a career. Sometimes, we all have to stop and look around to realize how lucky we are to participate in such an incredible sport! As I was flying to London ahead of this week’s race, I started thinking about that, but also about how many challenges exist in putting together and fielding an Air Race team.

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Goulian Racing in Budapest RBAR with Heart Rate Monitor

Many people ask Mike Goulian the difference between air show flying and Red Bull Air Race flying. Well, that’s a great question actually. Mike sheds some light on the role of physical fitness and G tolerance while flying in air shows and air races.

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Visit Team Goulian & Our Partners at AirVenture 2015

2015 is Goulian Aerosports’ 5th year partnering with Whelen Engineering at AirVenture. It’s been an incredible 5 years with the Whelen team. Their dedication to the aviation industry is evident with their growing list of newly designed aircraft lighting... read more

Bose highlights Michael Goulian in “Why I Fly” video

It is the amazing support of our partners that enables us to share our love of aviation across the globe. Bose Aviation is synonymous with quality, performance and technology but they stand for so much more. Their mission is to invent new technologies that truly benefit people, and create a “culture where innovation and teamwork are valued above all else.” Watch this video to see why I always fly my Cirrus Aircraft with a Bose A20.

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Goulian Holds Overall Position after Budapest Red Bull Air Race

Things were looking promising for Michael Goulian and Team 99 during the training flights over the Danube River in Budapest, Hungary at the latest installment of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship. Fast lap times kept Goulian near the top of the unofficial leaderboard throughout the midweek practice sessions.

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Extreme G Forces – Mike Goulian & Matt Hall Explain how to avoid graying-out while racing

Red Bull Air Race pilots experience some of the most extreme conditions that the human body can endure. High speed turns have them pulling nearly 10Gs at times, collapsing their chests and forcing blood away from the brain and down to their toes. In order to combat these effects, intense training and physical preparation is crucial to ensure they stay conscious while speeding through pylons just feet above the water. Mike Goulian and Matt Hall reveal how they handle g forces inflight in this video.

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