On The Fly Videos with Mike Goulian: Episodes 12 & 13

Episode 12-The Winning Advantage

“Be more committed. Be more dedicated. Want it more than the person that’s competing against you. And you’ll get there.” That’s the message in episode 12 of “On The Fly With Mike Goulian.” Mike talks about how his father was a living example of how hard work and dedication are the keys to success, no matter what you are trying to achieve.

Episode 13-Cirrus Meets Race Technology

“It’s like a Formula 1 car that flies.” That’s how Mike describes his air show and race planes. Hear Mike explain how the advanced technologies and innovations of his high performance race and air show planes serve as inspiration for performance and safety innovations at Cirrus. “They care about making the next generation product. They care about doing the things that no one else has done before.”

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2015 Red Bull Air Race Schedule Announced

Here is the official 2015 Red Bull Air Race Schedule. We’re pumped for next year’s race season. Goulian’s Team #99′s new race plane is going through its race mod program right now. We…… will be ready!!! 

Mike Goulian Team #99 Cap

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On The Fly Videos with Mike Goulian: Episodes 10 & 11

Episode 10-Free Time of an Aerobatic Champion

Red Bull Air Race pilot. Aerobatic pilot. Aviation entrepreneur. That’s a full plate for Mike Goulian. What does he do to relax? Mike talks about how he recharges his batteries when he isn’t racing or putting on one of his thrilling air show performances. “Going to the gym is probably the biggest release. I’ll go to a spinning class and get totally engrossed, but really just being with my family is the best thing.”

Episode 11-A Life of Competition

Mike talks about the competitive spirit that was a part of his life from the very beginning. Baseball. Hockey. Tennis. Golf. “My brother and I were competitors in everything we did. When I grew up, I could have done lots of things. I clearly had great hand-eye coordination. Maybe if I wanted to be a pro golfer I could have done that. But I wanted a life in the sky.”

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Goulian sets his sights on a top six finish

Goulian, who won the 2009 race in Budapest, has struggled with an under-performing airplane all season. He is back in 12th place overall with four 12th place finishes in the seven races. His best result this year was 9th in Gdynia – just missing out on 1 point for eighth place. Goulian is the only pilot in the 12-man field without any points this year – something he wants to change on Sunday.

Re: News about Plymouth, Mass. Resident / Pilot Mike Goulian

Event: Austria/ / Red Bull Air Race World Championship/ Motorsports

Goulian flying in the Red Bull Ring in Austria during training Oct 24th. Photo credit: Sebastian Marko

Mike Goulian flying in the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria during training Oct 24th. Photo credit: Sebastian Marko

SPIELBERG, (Austria)- Michael Goulian believes a strong finish to the otherwise disappointing 2014 season in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship could put his team on the right track for a brighter future and the American is optimistic that he can get in the top six at the final race in Spielberg in the Austrian Alps.

“It wasn’t a great season for us,” Goulian said. “We had a slow airplane that we struggled with for the whole year.”

“I think this is a race that might may be wide open because it’s quite a challenging track,” said the pilot from Plymouth, Massachusetts. “I want to get into the Super 8. Once you’re the Super 8, you go really fast as you can and make it in the Final Four. If I could get a top six finish would be great.”

The racetrack at the Red Bull Ring is one of the most challenging ever in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship due to the elevation changes of 65 meters. “Some of the gates are blind so you’re not going able to see one gate as you see the other. It’s going to be a very interesting track,” he said.

Goulian is determined to gather experience from his mistakes this season and prepares himself by developing racing tactics, engineering and his plane for the 2015 season.

“You learn a lesson from every race to get better in the next one. So for us it was really a learning year.”

Watch the Austrian WebCAST this weekend: www.redbullairrace.com/live – Sunday, Oct 26th 13:30 -16:00 UTC [8:30AM EST]

Watch the Las Vegas Red Bull Air Race World Championship race on FOX SPORTS on Monday, October 27th
Check local listings for dates and times.

Final Red Bull Air Race Webcast – Oct 26th

RBAR_Spielberg_Button_smallWatch the live webcast of the 2014 Red Bull Air Race finals in Spielberg, Austria. The site of the race is the “Red Bull Ring” which has a long history of motorsports, most notably as host to Formula One for 18 consecutive years throughout the 1970s and 1980s.

Cheer on Team 99 via RBAR’s live blog – you can post your own comments during the race starting tomorrow, Thursday – through Sunday’s finals.

On the Fly Video with Mike Goulian: Episode 9

Episode 9—The Athleticism of Aerobatics

Listen to Mike talk about the ‘little things that make a difference’ to managing life on the road – nutrition, sleep and exercise. “I need to feel like an athlete in the airplane – whether it’s in an airshow or a Red Bull Air Race, it’s an athletic endeavor.”

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Podcast with Goulian: 2014 Race Season Analysis and What’s Next

Plane Crazy Down Under, Australia’s leading aviation podcast, caught up with Mike at the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Las Vegas last week for candid insight and Mike’s thoughts about this race season, what’s in store for 2015, the rules, his partners and more.

“Just from a technology standpoint, our airplane is a step behind. We have been analyzing all of my flying all year and there may be a tenth [of a second] or two here or 3 tenths there, but nothing that’s glaring, so we’ve focused on the airplane and we’ve made little changes during the year – some bigger than others and I think in reality is there’s no magic formula. It’s just a little bit here and there and finally I’ve caught up. So really for the rest of 2014, it’s in the books, the airplane is what it is and we’ll try to do our best, but we’ll come back next year with a better machine.”

You can hear all of Mike’s interview on this podcast:

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Las Vegas Recap for Team 99

Unfortunately, the Vegas Red Bull Air Race was called off due to high winds. The pylons were breaking without the help of any airplane wing tips. All in all, Team #99 had a good week. I posted some pretty respectable times during and flew a very clean run in what would have been the Top 12 round. My team worked really hard to make our plane as good as it could be. Not an easy week but always satisfying nonetheless. We’re off to Austria for the last race of the season. We’re already working on 2015!!

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In Vegas, Goulian places his bets


Watch the live webcast of the Las Vegas Red Bull Air Race on Sunday, October 12 at www.RedBullAirRace.com. May be delayed or geo blocked in some locations. Check the website for your local time.

After a season of equipment challenges, American pilot Michael Goulian admittedly is a long shot to win the seventh stop of the Red Bull Air Race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend. While he’s playing the hand he’s been dealt, this is one player who’s looking toward shaking up the game in 2015. 

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (United States) – As American pilot Michael Goulian prepares for the seventh stop of the Red Bull Air Race at Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend, his mind is awash with questions. His plane has been underperforming all season, leaving the former series event winner in last place in the World Championship standings, and the oddsmakers give him a 1-in-35 chance of winning on Sunday.

“We’re using every race as a learning experience, but now the focus is next year,” he says. We’re going to have very limited time to work on our planes between seasons, so decisions have to be made: Do you leave the plane in Europe [after the season finale in Austria on October 26] and have a company there work on it? Do you air-freight it home to the U.S.? Do you buy a new airplane?”

In the next two weeks, Goulian and his team have to make those decisions amid the intense activity of back-to-back races in the world’s fastest motorsport series. But that’s the way the whole season has been for the 46-year-old from Maynard, Massachusetts, who had sold his racing plane when the series went on hiatus in 2010 and only got it back last October to prepare for the new season. At one race after another this year, it simply didn’t deliver the speed he needed, no matter how he flew or what his mechanics tried.

However, Goulian says, “I’m not one to get demoralized.” Over the course of the season he has strengthened his team and he feels that now their expertise in flight analysis – a key tool to shave off fractions of a second – is about as good as any other team, a major improvement toward beating the odds. So now it’s all about the plane.

He explains, “With our airplane, it’s not just ‘put a little something here, put a little something over there.’ It’s basically a drawing board from spinner to tail. What do you do? Where do you go? What are its weaknesses? Where are its strengths, if any?”

Flashing a smile, Goulian says, “We need to make those decisions and get to work – between now and Christmas, we’ll be pedaling like rockstars!”


Pictures: Joerg Mitter, Balazs Gardi, Sebastian Marko